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Service Times

Service Times

Yavneh College 6th form block.

Zemirot: 9:30am
Sefer: 10:30am
Musaf: 11:15am
Kiddush: 12:00 noon
Minha: To follow Kiddush (winter only)

Childrens' services 10.30am - ages 2-4 & 5-10

Kiddush Sponsors

If anyone wishes to sponsor a kiddush to commemorate a simcha (a wedding anniversary, birthday, baby naming etc) or for a nahalah (a memorial for a loved one), we can provide the following menus at the following costs. 


Regular  - £50 - Dips, Fruit Peanuts, Biscuit and of course wine & whisky and juice.

Premium - £100 -Regular + Baklava, Berekas, Cigarim, Popcorn cake & Premium whisky and soft drinks

Deluxe - £150 - Premium + Bridge Rolls, Bagels, Sabich, Gefilte Fish & premium whisky and soft drinks


Finally, anyone wishing to donate a bottle of whisky to the Rambam, we will drink a special L'Haim to you on Shabbat.

Fri, 22 June 2018 9 Tammuz 5778