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Calling all 3 and 10 year olds:  Are you applying for a school place to start in September 2024?
* Please register as soon as possible with our CRP officer Dani * 

 Important dates

  • Registration with CRP Officer:
As soon as possible  
  • Eligible attendance dates start:
Shabbat morning service following registration  
  • Last qualifying dates (Secondary):
  • Last qualifying dates (Primary):  
  • Last qualifying dates (6th Form):


  • Secondary applications are due in by 31st October 2024
  • Nursery and Primary applications are due in by 13th January 2025
  • Sixth-form applications are due in by 31st January 2025


Every school has their own admission criteria – please check each one carefully. Most Jewish schools require a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) form to be completed if you wish to be considered as a ‘priority applicant’. There are several ways to collect CRP points for your school applications. 
These may vary and could include some or all of the following options:

  • SYNAGOGUE ATTENDANCE (on Shabbat morning) - Between 16th April and 29th October 2022 for Secondary applications (or January 2023 for Nursery, Reception and Sixth Form entry) 
  • ONLINE SYNAGOGUE SERVICES - Between 16th April and 29th October 2022 for Secondary applications (or January 2022 for Nursery, Reception and Sixth Form entry)

Has the child attended internet-based synagogue services on Friday evenings (Kabbalat Shabbat) or the eve of festivals? Online participation must not be on Shabbat or Hagim

  • JEWISH EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES - Between 1st November 2021 and 31st October 2022 for Secondary applications (or January 2023 for Nursery, Reception and Sixth Form entry). 

Has the child participated in Jewish educational activities? (e.g. Heder, private tutor or school)

  • VOLUNTEERING – 1st November 2020 and 31st October 2022 for Secondary applications (or January 2023 for Nursery, Reception and Sixth Form entry) 

Have you or the child’s other parent/guardian participated in a voluntary capacity in a Jewish communal, 
charitable or welfare activity?

  • CRP JUDAISM ONLINE COURSE 2022 – 3 Courses in 2022 for September 2023 school entry 

Course 1 from 27th April 2022 / Course 2 from 8th June 2022/ Course 3 from 26th October 2022 (Primary only)
This course has been specifically designed for admission to schools whose religious authority is the Office of the Chief Rabbi or whose Foundation Body is the United Synagogue, for admission in September 2023. 
Applicants who wish to establish religious practice priority to these schools can choose to accumulate the CRP 
in any way they wish and this course would accrue 2 points.
The course is open to all applicants and will consist of 6 sessions of 30 minutes, covering topics relevant to Jewish customs and practices, festivals, kashrut, etc. All of them need to be completed in order to satisfy this section. Courses will run in April and June 2022 for Primary and Secondary admissions, 
and additionally in October 2022 for Primary admissions.
For further details on how to participate go to

Families for whom online access presents difficulties are asked to call 020 8343 5656 for more information.
Please note that all children need to be registered with the CRP officer and added to the database before forms can be signed.  We have a system in place to record attendance within the children’s service at Synagogue.  We encourage you to also keep your own records of dates you have attended.  Please read each individual school’s admission and CRP criteria carefully. If you require any assistance in understanding your schools admissions criteria for this academic year then please contact Dani on the email address below. Please note, some schools will only accept attendance at synagogue by the child (this is common with secondary school applications), others will accept either the child or parents attendance. Please email Dani on for further information or complete the registration form on our website here.
All school applicants must complete the Common Application Form (CAF) for the Local Authority in which they live i.e. if you live in Hertfordshire, Barnet etc you complete the CAF for that Local Authority (LA). This is usually found online, but paper copies may be available on request to the LA.

Please ensure you leave yourself enough time to submit your completed and signed forms to the CRP officer before applications to your chosen schools close. We would recommend at least 4 weeks before the closing date to ensure sufficient time. Please allow the CRP officer 1-2 weeks to verify your attendance and sign your forms. We also recommend that you apply to the maximum number of schools allowed as there is no guarantee you will be offered your first choice. If you only apply to one school, you may not be offered a place and then the Local Authority will choose an alternative school for you.
In-year admissions usually follow similar admission criteria and will also require a CRP. Please review your chosen schools qualifying dates carefully and ensure CRP registration and the usual attendance at synagogue.


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