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Eishet Hayil

Rambam Sephardi is blessed with so many people who help to run our Kahal.

We deeply value the contribution of our ladies. In making this visible, we show our appreciation for their efforts and encourage others to become more involved.

Every year we select one of the amazing women who do so much for our community to be our Eishet Hayil for that year and celebrate their contribution.

Our Nashot Hayil so far have been:

Year  Eishet Hayil
5784 2023/24  Elisheva Gotlieb
5783 2022/23  Talya Kamara
5782 2021/22  Dani Cohen
5781 2020/21  Dani Cohen
5780 2019/20  Rimonit Chriqui
5779 2018/19  Michie Yana Berger
5778 2017/18  Rivka David


Thu, 18 July 2024 12 Tammuz 5784