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Feast of Simhat Torah in Leghorn Italy (1850 - Solomon Alexander Hart)

The tradition of choosing two men each year as Hatanim (bride grooms) for Simchat Torah is relatively recent. For example, the first mention of immediately starting to read from Bereishith after completing the reading cycle of veZot HaBerakha, only occurs in times of the Shulkhan Arukh (1565). Prior to that the main focus dating back to the 1st century was on dancing 7 Hakafot .

Among them, the Hatan Torah has the honour of being called up to finish the reading of the Torah, and the Hatan Bereshit to read the first part of the Torah immediately afterwards. These are distinguished honours given to members of the community who with their wives and family have been actively involved for the betterment of the community.

In the Rambam Sephardi community, each of the Hatanim have the right to choose a Shushbin (best man) to accompany them through their tasks on the day. Additionally, our community continues to celebrate the hatanim also on Shabbat Bereishith.

Our Hatanim
Year Hatan Bereshit Hatan Torah Hatan Me'Onah
5780 2020/21 Rabbi Eliyahu Hye Raphael Lavi Ariel Kosky
5779 2019/20 Justin Berger Meir Gotlieb Benjamin Cohen
5778 2018/19 Rabbi Jeff Berger Gary Somers  
5777 2017/18 Eric Misan Neville Levy  
5776 2016/17 Derek Sheena David Gasc  
5775 2015/16 Yuval Cohen Abe Wahnon  
5774 2014/15 Natan Servi David Halfon  
5773 2013/14 Gedalia Alexander Joe Arazi  
5772 2012/13 Daniel Carmel Ralph levy  


Thu, 7 July 2022 8 Tammuz 5782