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Chochmat Nashim

As part of this year’s Yom Kippur appeal, Rambam Sephardi is pleased to support Chochmat Nashim.

At this time of year we pledge to repair our actions bein adam l’chavayro –not only interpersonally, but for the benefit of the wider Jewish community.

In 5778 Chochmat Nashim will focus on three areas affecting Haredi women in Israel:

- Extremism - a look at the various ways extremism is tearing at the fabric of the Jewish community.

- Agunot - every wife who awaits a divorce from a recalcitrant husband and every husband, a recalcitrant wife, is a stain on the Jewish community.

- Health - With a 30% higher death rate from breast cancer and a lower life expectancy than women in the general population, Orthodox women are facing a health crisis.

Our community will also be helping to raise awareness about these issues as part of our Mental Health and Controversial Conversations programmes.

As such, Rambam Sephardi is proud to partner with Chochmat Nashim and we ask you to financially support this Yom Kippur appeal.

We are grateful for your generosity to this most deserving cause toward justice, equity and well-being in the Jewish community.

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Thu, 23 January 2020 26 Tevet 5780