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RSS Camp 2019

Book your Camp Rambam places lower down....

Children over 5 can attend camp on their own, parents you are welcome to stay to. 
Everyone staying over needs to book pay, adults and children.
Note there are discounts for booking more than one person at a time.  
Kids under 5 are free if coming with a paying adult or sibling. 

**Members of Rambam please login to get the member rates**

This summer give your kids a week-long, overnight camping experience they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives….

Send them camping for a week with Camp Rambam!

5 minutes from the centre of Borehamwood, Well End Scout Campsite and Activity Centre is a haven of greenery with its own little forest, wild rabbits, birds, space for crackly bonfires and also plenty of activities to keep your young campers busy.

Run by Rambam Sephardi Synagogue, your children can have a fun, safe, educational and very local camping experience run by practiced and qualified leaders. They will pick up camping and outdoor skills and will be offered the chance to take an active part in the practicalities of camping.

Let your kids play out all day (nowhere to plug in those pesky screens – the batteries will run out at some point …) with friends old and new, whilst you hang out at the campfire and chill out yourself.

Whilst the possibilities at camp are endless, places are limited, so book now for a summer event you’ll want to repeat again and again!


Children may camp with us without parental supervision if they are 5 years of age or over.

Our camp is vegetarian and strictly Kosher to KLBD standard. Please do not send meaty or home cooked food to camp, and make sure you only send snacks that can be found in The Really Jewish Food Guide, or are certified Kosher. We will have plenty of fresh, healthy food as well as snacks at camp for all the children to enjoy, so there is no need to pack a bag full of goodies, unless you can’t help yourself.

Our Camp is also a nut free zone, just like school, and we often have children who have serious nut allergies so please make sure that anything you send in is nut free.

Can you bring your own tent? If you can, that would be very helpful. If not, we have a limited number of privately owned tents available to use.

Send a text to Rivka on 07946 292 164 to get yourself onto the Camp Rambam WhatsApp group – this will be the information and discussion forum, as well as the picture board before, during and after camp.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do adults that are staying with children need to pay?
Answer: Yes if you are an adult staying over night with your child you have to book and pay

2. If my child is coming all day and doing the activities are they a day visitor?
No day visitors are people who do no activities so this is typically adults coming in the day to visit their kids

3. When does the early bird price end?
1 July 2019, the price will go up again after 14 July, so the sooner you book the cheaper it will be 

4. How do I stay informed, is there a group to chat about how great camp is and ask others who have been before?
Yes there is a WhatsApp group text to Rivka on 07946 292 164 to get yourself onto it.

5. Are under 5 free? Do I need to do anything?
Please let us know for numbers but as long as they are coming with a paying adult or sibling they are free.

6. Do I have to be a member of Rambam Sephardi?
No, but members get a discount on booking

7. How do I get my discount for being a member of Rambam Sephardi?
You need to login with your synagogue account then you will.

8. If I'm coming with my child just for the day what do I book?
If you are not staying the night, then book the child as a full place, and the adult as a day visitor. If you are both staying the night book both as a full place.

9. Is the price the same for a child and adult if staying the night?

9. Do I need to pay for activities extra?
No the price includes activities

10. Will you be making camp clothes like last year?
Yes the will be available to purchase soon

11. Is it cheaper if I'm booking for more than one camper?
Yes there is discount on campers number 2,3 and 4

12. I have other questions what do I do?
Ask us, jump on the WhatsApp group 

Booking for campers
This includes anyone adult or child staying overnight or doing activities.

With the exception of Sunday which starts at 2pm, each booking includes staying overnight and starts from 5:30pm on the day listed until 5:30pm the following day.

Please note that there are no planned activities on Sundays, this time is for overnight stayers to pitch and settle in.

Please note photos and video will be taken during our events may be used by Rambam Sephardi in our printed and online publicity, on social media, in newspapers and magazines, or in any other ways that further the aims of the charity. 
I declare that any adults staying over have a had a DBS check, and I will supply this to the Synaguge to check. I understand that adults that have not passed a DBS check can't sleep on the campsite. We can arrange DBS checks for adults please contact us prior to booking (a charge may apply for this).
Fri, 19 July 2019 16 Tammuz 5779