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Rambam Covid statement, please read here

Covid Statement

RSS is not advising or encouraging anybody to attend the Tefillah service. Attendance is a personal choice. Members of the Kahal who are vulnerable or are in close contact with those who are vulnerable, are strictly advised not to attend. If one is unsure as to whether it is medically advisable to attend, they are requested not to attend until they have professional medical advice to the contrary. RSS does not take responsibility for anything other than operating within government guidelines.  
The participants of the Minyan are expected to adhere to the rules listed below. It is impossible to stress enough, the importance of the adherence to these rules. Personally, as the Rabbi of the Kahal, I express both my request to the Kahal and my confidence in the Kahal, that they will give this matter the importance it deserves. Keeping to every single one of these rules is essential. 

By attending the Minyan (having pre booked), one accepts to adhere to all the following rules: 

1) Hand sanitizing every time one enters the room within which we will pray. Hand sanitizer will be provided and placed just outside of each minyan. 
2) Chairs may not be moved. They will be specifically situated in a manner that will enable social distancing. We request that you remain at your seat for the duration on the service and do not walk around.
3) No children under the age of 12 may be present.  
4) The 2-meter social distancing advice must be adhered to, aside from those who live within the same household. 
5) Machzorim and Tallitot will not be provided, they will be brought by every Mitpalel. If someone does not have either a Siddur or a Tallit, they should contact Rabbi Hye. 
6) MASKS ARE NOW MANDATORY. PLEASE ARRIVE WEARING YOUR OWN MASK. There will be a few disposable masks available at the hand sanitizer station and you’re asked to remove your used items from site and dispose of them at home.
7) Chazanim will be appointed in advance.  
8) A member of the Kahal will be appointed to ensure the rules are followed. 
 9) No food may be brought to the premises. Mitpalelim  who would like to drink water, should bring both water and cups for their personal use only, and are expected to remove these off site and dispose of them at home.
10) Two separate sets of toilets are available, one for men and one for women. Only one person may enter at a time.
11) Needless to say, anybody who has experienced any symptoms that require self-isolation may not attend the service. 

Fri, 25 June 2021 15 Tammuz 5781