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Shavuoth 2017

Shavouth begins Tuesday night 30 May - Thursday night 1 June. There will be a number of exciting opportunities to study all evening in the Borehamwood area including at the Shteible, the Federation and at BES Croxdale Road.

Rambam Sephardi Shavuoth Service Times - (Services at Yavneh College unless indicated)
30 May Tues evening - 7:30pm Minha/ Arbit (earliest nightfall 9:27pm)
31 May Wed morning - 9:30am Shaharit (with Cheesecake Kiddush)

31 May Wed evening - 6:45pm Minha/ Azharot-Megillat Ruth/ Arbit
(home of Abe Wahnon)
1 June Thurs morning - 9:30am Shaharit

  1. June Thurs evening - 8:45pm Minha/ Azharot-Megillat Ruth/ Arbit
    (home of Abe Wahnon) 0:12pm Festival finishes

    Those wishing to start Kiddush earlier than 9:27pm on Tuesday, please contact the Rabbi. If you plan to have dinner early on 2nd night of Shavuoth, as long as you begin before sunset, it is possible to prepare the food and table during the st day.


Tue, 17 July 2018 5 Av 5778