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Rabbi Eliyahu Hye

Rabbi Hye grew up in Hendon / Golders Green but left his hometown to pursue Talmudic studies in foreign elite Yeshivot. Amongst them are Sunderland Kibbutz in Gateshead, Yeshivat Mir, Nesivot Chaim (Dayanut in monetary law) and the Jerusalem Kollel where he was ordained (received Semicha) by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz. Rabbi Hye has lectured in various Synagogues and explored further studies in Jewish philosophy and Kabbalah. After ten enriching years in Israel, Rabbi Hye returned to England enthusiastically accepting the rabbinic position for Rambam Sephardi Shul in Borehamwood and simultaneously joining the Borehamwood Kollel. Rabbi Hye is blessed with two sons: Moshe and Avraham.

Hadassa Hye

Hadassa grew up in Zurich, Switzerland and completed her education in Beth Yaakov Intensive in Brooklyn, NY. She speaks five languages which helps her to make people from all backgrounds feel welcome. Hadassa has a colourful variety of work experiences including: teaching, shadowing and sport coaching. Hadassa held the position of secretary for the renowned Yeshivat Mir Jerusalem and recently became a certified reflexologist practitioner. Rabbi Hye and Hadassa are blessed with their two sons Moshe and Avraham.

Tue, 7 December 2021 3 Tevet 5782