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Camp 2019 - Information HUB

Below is some useful information regarding camp:


1. Booking Form 

2. Clothes (Hoodies, T-Shirt  - Orders close 14 July 2019)

3. Photos from last year

4. Sample 1 weeks clothes list


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do adults that are staying with children need to pay?
Answer: Yes if you are an adult staying over night with your child you have to book and pay

2. If my child is coming all day and doing the activities are they a day visitor?
No day visitors are people who do no activities so this is typically adults coming in the day to visit their kids

3. When does the early bird price end?
1 July 2019, the price will go up again after 14 July, so the sooner you book the cheaper it will be 

4. How do I stay informed, is there a group to chat about how great camp is and ask others who have been before?
Yes there is a WhatsApp group text to Rivka on 07946 292 164 to get yourself onto it.

5. Are under 5 free? Do I need to do anything?
Please let us know for numbers but as long as they are coming with a paying adult or sibling they are free.

6. Do I have to be a member of Rambam Sephardi?
No, but members get a discount on booking

7. How do I get my discount for being a member of Rambam Sephardi?
You need to login with your synagogue account then you will.

8. If I'm coming with my child just for the day what do I book?
If you are not staying the night, then book the child as a full place, and the adult as a day visitor. If you are both staying the night book both as a full place.

9. Is the price the same for a child and adult if staying the night?

9. Do I need to pay for activities extra?
No the price includes activities

10. Will you be making camp clothes like last year?
Yes the will be available to purchase soon

11. Is it cheaper if I'm booking for more than one camper?
Yes there is discount on campers number 2,3 and 4

12. I have other questions what do I do?
Ask us, jump on the WhatsApp group 

Fri, 19 July 2019 16 Tammuz 5779